What are your resolutions this year? Drink more water? Exercise more often? What about your Beauty Resolutions? We've got 8 easy resolutions help you make this the best skin year yet! 

  1. Skip the heavy foundation – too much foundation  or overly heavy makeup looks fake and artificial. Let's get real and look real and feel confident in our unique beauty
  2. Use matte eyeshadows – Glittery, sparkly eyeshadows only enhance wrinkles and we're so past that immature look!
  3. Get professional eyebrow grooming – Bushy eyebrows or too thin eyebrows look unpolished and are aging.
  4. Use a translucent finishing powder – Only use for touch-ups, too much finishing powder takes on a caked look, also carry blotting papers to absorb excess oil.  It's best to apply your translucent finishing powder in only the t-zone where you tend to get oily - no need to apply it all over.
  5. Never use brown blush – just like a man should not have a brown suit in his closet. Brown isn't flattering. Use a cream blush that auto-adjusts to your unique undertone
  6. Avoid a heavy, dark contoured lip line – it’s best to blend your lip liner and lipstick – also lip line after lipstick application for a softer pout.
  7. Don’t wear sparkly, shiny lipstick or gloss – especially in nude or orange. Lips look too sticky and not attractive.  Lippies in barely there colors are a popular this year and flattering on everyone (We're looking at you Kate Middleton!)
  8. Skip the mascara on your lower lashes – wearing mascara on lower lashes only draws attention to dark circles and can magnify the look of fine lines or wrinkles around the eyes. Opt instead for a light mascara layer on your upper lashes and enhance them with an appropriately colored eyeliner