Essential oil, the fragrant extract of plants and flowers, that we use in many products has been around for thousands of years. Learn 3 things about this not new, but newly trending, biomedical ingredient.

What makes essential oils, well, essential? For thousands of years we have been using plants and their parts for healing, health and happiness. In fact, essential oils get thier name from a 19th century Swiss alchemist, Paracelsus. Believing in evidence based science and that a 5th element existed in the world that we had not yet identified, Paracelsus thought that the gift of health and healing from plants was that 5th element. He called it "Quintessential" which was later shortened to "Essential", thus the name we give the extracts and oils from nature. 

Pharmaceutical Grade Essential Oil


So what do you need to know about essential oils? 

1. Essential oils are extracted from plants - and each part of the plant can host a different type of oil. Scientists now know that essential oils work in part because of the way the communicate. Warning deer this flower shouldn't be eaten, or bee's that this pollen is good for them.  How that commuication works within nature is still being investigated but we know that communication also happens with our bodies. For example, when you use lavender in a bath and it helps you to feel more relaxed.  

2. There are complex atomic structures in essential oils called VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). These allow for extracts to become oils through sublimation, or changing from a solid to a gas without liquifying. These VOC's can come in different froms like alcohol's, phenols, oxides or esthers or as a hydrocarbon called a terpene. These terpenes are the fragrant extracts that we like, and according to the Annual Review of Plant Biology, "terpenes have desirable properties for use in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries". 

3. The biomedical use of essential oils is not new, in fact we've been using and studying the extracts of plants of thousands of years. We are just now beginning to understand the major, complex way that they can benefit and contribute to our lives. Gerda Spillmann has been using pharmaceutical grade extracts since the 1940's, particularly in the Renaissance Active Oil. This unique blend of essential oils extracted from organic citrus helps to heal, hydrate and renew the skin. 

RAO Essential Oil by Gerda Spillmann

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