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5 ways to Spring into Summer Skin Care


5 must have ingredients to Spring Clean your Skin Care Routine.  Just like we can’t skip exercise all winter and expect to have a summer bod; we can’t neglect our skin then expect a clear complexion.

We asked one of our favorites MUA’s for her tips on starting a spring skin care routine to make sure our skin is healthy and strong come summer time. Not only is she a Makeup Artist, but also an Esthetician, Elizabeth suggested the following to get your complexion in tip-top shape. 

1. Zinc Oxide: Sun protection from Mother Nature, not a lab. Zinc is a mineral, which has the capacity to sit on top of your skin and reflect the sun by diffusing away UVA & UVB rays. Zinc oxide is called a “physical sun block”. Chemical ingredients often cause irritation, allergies or sunburns, particularly on sensitive skin. “In fact, did you know that up to 75 percent of sunscreens are toxic, hiding many irritating chemicals?” Read more here. Then add Biofond to your shopping list –Biofond Foundation contains zinc oxide to help protect and heal the skin – and it has since 1944.

2. Peptides: Linked chains of amino acids, peptides can communicate with cells in lots of ways including repair, renewal or protection and increase healthy cellular activity promoting collagen and elastin production. Peptides are so safe and effective that pros recommend they be used liberally.  –Day Spa Magazine, February 2019

3. Exfoliation: The process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin using a chemical, granular substance, or exfoliation tool. Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells to make room for new cells every 30 days or so. Sometimes, dead cells don’t shed completely. This can result in dry, flaky patches and clogged pores. Your new BFF-dull-skin-exterminator? Peau de Fleurs Cleansing Mousse. Salicylic acid (self neutralizing and good for all skin types) found in the organic Comfrey Plant combined with evanescent exfoliating beads works to dissolve make-up, oil or clogged pores, skin contaminants and wash away dead skin cells- leaving you feeling refreshed with glowing radiance.

4. Sleep/Hydration: a study performed by SLEEP journal has found that adults who get just six hours of sleep have significantly higher odds of being dehydrated. “This study suggests that if you’re not getting enough sleep, and you feel bad the next day, drink extra water.” –Asher Rosinger, Assistant Professor of Bio-Behavioral Health at Penn State University.

5. Hyaluronic Acid: Tamarind Seed Extract naturally includes elements including potassium, phosphorus, vitamin C, magnesium, proteins and calcium. Watch this video to learn more about the natural form of Hyaluronic Acid.

This #1 selling moisturizer and the intense Eye Region Cream both include pharmaceutical grade Tamarind Seed Extract and are excellent products to add into your skincare regimen right now. Shop Here.

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