Natural beauty needs elegant care. With Gerda Spillmann products, enhance your natural beauty through skin-friendly skincare routines. Natural beauty needs elegant care. With Gerda Spillmann products, enhance your natural beauty through skin-friendly skincare routines.

Doing What Comes Naturally

During these unprecedented times, most people have been directed to stick close to home in order to preserve their health, as well as the health of others. After what has seemed like weeks on end in the same room, you’re probably feeling a little anxious about what’s coming across on your peers’ screens; even though your sweatpants are blessedly not visible to anyone from your online office, as the days have gone by, the face you’ve noticed reflected back looks more and more fatigued, which has made you feel less and less like yourself. Not only that, but you’ve also discovered that covering up with clunky makeup hasn’t done anything to solve the problem of the quarantine-sheen of your skin. 

Between housekeeping and homeschooling duties, you’ve barely had enough time to take care of all of your basic needs, let alone find an uncomplicated moment to look after your appearance. That’s why—in the midst of all this multi-tasking in minimal spaces—it’s never been a better time to allow yourself to go as close to “bare” as you possibly can, by following a “barely-there” makeup routine that highlights your skin’s natural beauty. With the help of quality skincare products that enhance your skin’s natural allure, you’ll be ready to face the day no matter what it throws at you, and video chat for hours with confidence. Keep reading for a simplified skincare routine that lets your natural beauty shine, even through a computer screen. 

Skincare- doing what comes naturally

The Naturals

While you’re struggling to get enough rest and “self-care” moments during your lockdown, it’s still important to show your skin some love. The following are just a few of the high-quality skincare products offered by Gerda Spillmann:

  • The Essential Hydration Kit: Your skin needs hydration just as much as you need that extra glass of water. Including both the luxurious Skinfood Extra Riche and the rich Renaissance Active Oil, these products’ blends work together to prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin—two essential fibers that enhance the youthfulness of your skin’s look. Buy the kit to enjoy some practical savings.


  • Anti Aging Eye Region Cream: This product is a blend of natural ingredients—including avocado, beetroot extract, and tamarind seed extract—that prevent moisture loss, softening the skin with natural oils. The silky texture isn’t only soothing to the touch but lets your skin “breathe” even as it protects hydration until you’re practically glowing. With the kind of “screen fatigue” you’ll experience during quarantine, let this product help you achieve a well-rested look.


  • Body Lotion Cell-Active: This formulated natural blend of ingredients including hypoallergenic sweet almond oil, this lotion permeates the outer layers of your skin to provide anti-inflammatory properties. It’ll help you emit a healthy glow, while also working to grow healthy new skin cells. Witch hazel, long a staple of natural remedies and traditional medicine to treat skin, helps reduce the size of your pores while it soothes your skin. While you’re looking your best, this lotion also helps you de-stress.   


Facing the Day


Between clearing out your room to create your home office—and maybe even running a gym, restaurant, or elementary school right from your home in order to preserve your physical health—you might be struggling to find some motivation to work on your look with the same fervor that you have in the past. However, to preserve your mental health, it’s also important to remember your regular routines. Conference calls all day can be anxiety-inducing enough without having to set aside extra time for an extensive makeup routine. Instead, start a new skincare routine—one again, prioritizing your health—which allows you to minimize your makeup routine while still looking your best.


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