Are you thinking about pH levels during your skincare routine? Most people aren't. That's why Gerda Spillmann products make it simpler to help our skin get exactly what it needs.

Level it Out: Why pH Levels Matter

Here at Gerda Spillmann, we take the science of skin seriously. If you’ve ever noticed that—after the application of lesser products—-your skin is overly dry, overly oily, or even susceptible to an atypical breakout, then your skin might be suffering from an imbalance in its pH levels. The pH—or, potential hydrogen—level of your skin is actually a measure of your skin’s “acid mantle,” within a range of either very acidic or very alkaline, on a scale ranging from 0 to 14. Although the terms “acid” or “acidic” are rarely thought of with positive connotations, remember that acid is also a killer of bacteria: for healthy, unblemished skin, the pH balance of your skin’s acid mantle should remain a little more on the acidic side, hovering at about a 5.5.

Here Comes the Sun

There’s a lot of natural phenomenons that can disrupt the delicate balance of your healthy skin’s pH level. The natural aging process can actually make your skin lean a bit more heavily into the acidic range, as it responds to both your habits and your physical environment. Although getting outdoors is critical to all aspects of your physical and emotional health, the sunshine and air pollutants can have an effect over time. A daily sunscreen routine can balance your skin’s pH levels by protecting the acid mantle from sun damage; pair your sunscreen with a product like Gerda Spillmann’s  Bio-Fond foundation, with ingredients that help shield your skin from UV radiation and other environmental pollutants.



Can You Say Hydrate?

Our natural aging processes also affect the levels of oil that your skin can produce, which in turn affects the acid mantle, interfering with its ability to protect the skin from the bacteria that cause inflammation and acne. High-quality products are formulated to protect the pH balance of your skin, moisturizing in proper amounts, and defending the delicate balance of your skin’s acid mantle. Make sure to use effective moisturizers that resist over-alkalizing the pH levels, and instead rebuild your acid mantle’s critical barrier from bacteria. Look for moisturizers that work in conjunction with the acid mantle, supporting your skin’s natural barrier from pollutants with antioxidants. Products like the Hydro Pearls Makeup Primer are a helpful protectant from UV radiation while it also combats irritation and inflammation. Its pH-balanced formula works to defend the proper pH balance of your skin’s acid mantle. Proper moisture will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, while also inhibiting bacterial growth.

Quality Means pH-Balanced Products

Maintaining youthful, radiant skin means using products that optimize pH-balanced formulations. Let Gerda Spillmann help you guard the natural barriers to blemishes and bacteria that your acid mantle creates when its pH levels are properly balanced. Glowing, healthy skin is a balancing act—but it's a challenge we’re more than ready to meet. 

Hydro Pearls

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