Your body is remarkably adaptable, and it’s in constant, fluid flux. Your skin, too—the organ that comprises and covers your entire body—changes as you age. As such, it’s critical that you also adapt, and update your makeup routine (and more crucially, your skincare routine) to match your skin’s changing needs. 



More than Skin-Deep

Your skin entirely encompasses you and offers you some airtight protection; a barrier to the outside world. Your skin is on the frontline daily, and by design, it takes on the brunt of the pollutant and debris-filled environment that you have to navigate. Nowhere is this more evident than on your face: your flashing smile might attract attention while your eyes are the window to your soul, but the shining glow of your complexion will indicate your overall health, joy, and even happiness. 


The beauty industry at large capitalizes on society’s intense focus on skin health, fiercely competing to provide the product that promises glowing, clear, healthy skin. Unfortunately, most of these companies equate these qualities with “younger skin,” rather than “healthy skin.” Of course, we at Gerda Spillmann understand that—by utilizing high-quality products that directly address your skin’s changing needs—fresh and lustrous skin is possible at any age. Read on for some skincare routine tips that will keep you glowing, and a makeup routine that will highlight your changing skin’s natural beauty. 


So, What’s the Skin-ny?

As far as your skin’s concerned, some typical issues might include dryness, sensitivity, oiliness, or congestion. As we age, those issues expand to include wrinkles, sun damage, poor cell regeneration. The key to the long-term health of your skin is a skincare routine that stays consistent and expands when those typical issues become more present seasonally. Your daily routine should include:


  • Protection from excessive UV radiation: wear your sunscreen.
  • Protection from excessive irritation and drying: avoid poor-quality soaps or moisturizers with irritating chemicals.
  • Provide a barrier: use a high-quality moisturizing protective layer.


Remember, the most important step in your new skin routine is to simply love your skin every step of the way. Yes, your skin’s needs are changing; from now on, keeping a fresh and dewy look might require a little more rigorous attention on your part. But, a little extra love will go a long way with your skin—and that includes an updated makeup routine.



Cosmetics Call


  1. Use a Hydrating Primer: a primer may help to minimize the appearance of pores and provides the extra hydration that your mature skin needs.
  2. Use the right foundation: don’t settle for a foundation that settles into your fine lines. A heavy, cakey look is often a sign that our skin is begging for love and moisture
  3. Use the right concealer: the fragile skin around your eyes can dry out as you mature, so use a moisturizing under-eye concealer. Keep a dewy, natural look by applying a moisturizing concealer with your ring finger. Lightly tap your concealer into place.
  4. Use the right blush: feel free to wear your heart on your sleeve, and blush deeply to add a warm and healthy glow to your skin. Remember that there is no hard and fast rule to blush placement. Placing blush on the “apples” of your cheeks can, however, give a youthful look.


As we’ve said before, as you mature, you’ll have to adapt your skin and makeup routines to your skin’s changing needs. Another added benefit of that maturation, however, is an increased sense of self-knowledge, confidence, and self-love: and with that, comes the wherewithal to go after exactly what you need.

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