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Natural, Effective, Good-for-You, Skincare Deodorant


Stain Free. Workout Proof. Long-Lasting. The Summer Skincare product you need now.

Natural cream deodorant formulated with ingredients from Mother Nature. The leading ingredient, Farnesol, was chosen for the exceptional, natural protection against perspiration and body odor. Great for sensitive skin and carries a fresh, clean scent without flowerly or musky scents - truly unisex.   

Farnesol: Anti-bacterial extract that is water insoluable (doesn't break down in water/sweat) and miscible with oil (mixes with oil). A natural, botanical extract that is naturally high in Vitamin K and works to break-down bacteria on the skin that causes body odor. The Derm Review goes on to say this about farnesol "It has specific antimicrobial activity against gram-positive bacteria responsible for body odor."

As your body temp rises and the glands go into overtime to produce sweat and body oils, Deo Cream Deodorant works quickly and efficiently to trap smelly odors and releases botanical extracts to ensure a long-lasting clean scent and a comfortable dry feeling. Loved for over 30 years, Deo Cream Deodorant is a safe alternative and has been used by people who have suffered from traumatic events like Breast Cancer.

Gerda Girl tip: Use Deo Cream Deodorant on the bottom of your feet to protect against smelly odors!  


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