The days are getting longer and brighter and I can feel summer coming - it's just around the corner, or the next spring snow storm!  Are you as anxious waiting for the warmer weather? Instead of just longing for the sunshine I decided to start prepping for my Summer Skincare routine. 

We should always be paying attention to our skin and altering our regimen as needed but seasonal changes are particularly important to watch how your skin changes too.  During the summer most of us experience slightly more oil and those freckles from 6th grade pop up out of nowhere.  So what kinds of products should you add (or swap) from your current routine?  

Don't forget to add a dual-action cleanser to your routine!  It's critically important to wash away all the free radicals and built up products on your skin.  Go to bed with fresh, clean skin so that your skin can repair itself while you sleep.  You'll want a cleanser that has both physical exfoliation and aha cleansing to dissolve the bonds of oils and grime on your skin.  Our favorite is the Peau de Fleurs because it's gentle enough for all skin types!

What other products are your summer must haves?  Join us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to share your favorite products and tips.... be sure to tag us with #gerdaspillmann.  Talk to you soon!